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AC Repair

AC Repair

AC Repair
The HVAC system is a huge part of our daily lives! In fact it is... Read More
AC Replacement

AC Replacement

AC Replacement
Sometimes, it's obviously time for a new air conditioner. If your old AC breaks down... Read More
Air Duct Replacement

Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement
Did you know that approximately 25% of the air in your HVAC ductwork is lost... Read More

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How the right HVAC system can improve your home’s health

Is your home too warm and humid, even though the AC is on? Is it too dry and cold in the winter, even though your furnace is firing?

HVAC contractors aren’t typically classified as healthcare practitioners, but our expertise matters when it comes to your health and wellness. Studies show that we spend 90% of our time indoors, which means less exposure to outside air — for better or worse. On one hand, when inside we are not victim to extreme conditions in temperature or air quality. On the other hand, heating and cooling systems must be chosen with care as their performance impacts indoor air quality and comfort.

We solve those problems by installing systems the right way.

With Pure Aire, you get a properly sized system, fully audited installation performed by experts, and years of improved comfort.

Our 3-step process for your HVAC installation:

Calculate HVAC system size.

Our team of 3rd party engineers will perform a load calculation to determine the right size for the new system. This step ensures you get the best HVAC performance for years to come.

Present you with best options.

We help you choose from a variety of system types and efficiency ratings. That way, you get the right equipment for your home and needs.

Install with precision.

Pure Aire install team will deliver a Grade A+ equipment installation. Afterward, our team performs a quality control audit to verify comfort and reliability.

Bryant Products

Air conditioning and heating systems can be complicated.When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling needs, you need a system that’s reliable, efficient, and capable. There are lots of brands and products to choose from within the HVAC industry, but few offer the heating and cooling capabilities that Bryant products provide. Bryant HVAC systems feature a wide range of benefits that make heating and cooling your Austin home a breeze. Here at Pure Aire, our team will assist you in choosing the right system to meet your needs.

The Best in Technology

Doing the job right means using the right brand of equipment and accessories. We make every effort to stay on top of developments in the field and regularly invest in upgrading our tools and equipment.

These homeowners are glad they choose Pure Aire for Austin HVAC service

“Honest & dependable. Also, willing to answer all of my million questions.”

Kate Wilcox

“Very fairly priced. They replaced our furnace and central air systems. Quick, quality work!”

Jackie Wilson

“My AC went out and they replaced it with no problems. They were professional and on time. They were available to answer any and all questions. I would use them again.”

Idara B.

“Matt came out and his troubleshooting skills are top notch. We had the company that installed our units out the day before and they failed to find the real problem. We could have been out several hundreds of dollars changing parts which were not broken. Matt found the problem, got the replacement parts from Trane and we were back running the next day. Great job.”

Ron H.