XCI Zone Control


What is Zoning?


A zoning system is made up of a controller that receives information from Zone Thermostats in multiple locations. The controller then gives commands to HVAC equipment and specific Motorized Zone Dampers in order to control temperature in each of the thermostat locations.

XCI Network Thermostats and Zoning are cost-effective solutions to poor room-by-room temperature control and expensive utility usage. XCI Controls distributes computer-controlled thermostats that have proven to be popular alternatives to over-priced building automation systems in the light commercial market. XCI Electronics engineers, having years of experience in HVAC controls engineering, recognized a need to design and produce superior, cost-effective zoning systems.

Zoning allows you to heat or cool particular rooms in the house without having to heat or cool your entire house. Zoning systems allow heating and cooling equipment to deliver peak performance without continuing to operate at peak capacity. A properly designed zoning system can save you on your heating and cooling bills all year long.


  • Heats or cools only desired areas to maximize your comfort
  • Money savings on utility bills
  • Flexibility and control over temperature

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