Whole Home Dehumidifier


Advantages of Installing Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Austin homes equipped with a whole home dehumidifier gain better comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Higher Energy Efficiency

With a whole home dehumidifier, the dehumidification burden on a home’s air conditioner is alleviated, which allows the cooling system to operate at higher energy efficiency levels throughout the summer. Plus, when you feel cooler indoors due to reduced humidity levels, less air conditioning may be required to keep the home comfortable, which generates valuable energy savings.

Improved Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

As whole house dehumidifiers remove moisture from the home’s air, occupants feel more comfortable. In a home that has high humidity levels, moisture makes the air feel hot and sticky – this causes many homeowners to crank up the air conditioner, though what they really need is moisture control. Drier air produced by the dehumidification system helps everyone feel more comfortable without increased air conditioning use.

Increased dehumidification across the home generates better air quality indoors. Dehumidifiers help prevent the likelihood of mold and mildew growth in the home. Balanced relative humidity levels create a healthier indoor environment for those with health issues exacerbated by high humidity, such as COPD, respiratory illnesses and certain cardiac conditions.

Low Maintenance

A whole home dehumidifier requires little maintenance – a big difference from their portable counterparts, which require frequent care.

With a whole home dehumidifier, maintenance is a breeze. These systems are equipped with dedicated drain lines, so you don’t have to worry about emptying the collection reservoir on a regular basis, as is required by portable dehumidifiers. The system’s maintenance needs can be taken care of by your HVAC technician when annual heating and cooling system maintenance is performed.

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